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Within 5 to 10 minutes the apex predator, the Great White shark, will be around your boat. You get into a wetsuit, climb into the cage, and now it's just you and the shark. Can you imagine something like that? Gansbaai is referred to as the White Shark Diving capital of the world for a very good reason.

The wonderful thing about shark diving in Gansbaai is that you only have to take a 20 minute boat ride to Dyer Island. In the winter time we can even see sharks before the shark chum is dropped into the water! It is clear why Gansbaai is named as being the most densely populated area for Great White sharks in the world. We get White sharks here along the coast all year round but winter is certainly the best time to come and see these beautiful animals.

You don't need to know anything about diving, or even carry a qualification to enjoy Great White sharks from the boat or cage here in Gansbaai. The cages are mounted next to the boat, and float on the surface so that it is very easy for inexperienced divers to jump in and take a good look at the Great Whites as they cruise past the cage. For most of the year the divers do not use air or snorkels in the cage as the bubbles tend to make the Great White sharks nervous and very cautious. We want the shark to be comfortable with the boat and people diving in the cages so that they will come as close as possible. It is not uncommon for a shark's pectoral fin to glide just into the gap in the cage as it swims past.

Great White Shark Surface Viewing
It is important to note that you do not have to dive in the cage to see the Great White sharks. The boat based viewing is exceptional all year round and there are many people who just take the trip to see the Great White sharks from the boat. Unfortunately, there is no difference in price to just view the sharks from the boat. The costs involved are virtually the same when you consider chum, bait, catering, crew, fuel and the environmental taxes. It is simply a bonus if you decide when out there to slip on a wetsuit and jump in the cage to have a closer look.

Meet Our Great White Sharks
The sharks patrol the deeper water as well as the edges of the kelp fields in the area. This is where the seals play, and they offer an easy meal for the Great Whites. The seals stay in the kelp as it offers them a safe haven from the patrolling predators but one wrong turn and they are out in the grasp of nature's ultimate killing machine. The boats position themselves according to the water current, wind, swell, and marine environment. All of the White shark diving operators have been running for a long time now and are highly experienced. They provide the safest and best possible experience when White shark cage diving when positioning themselves to attract the sharks.

Shark Diving Central Bookings
There are currently 8 White shark cage diving operators in Gansbaai, all operate around Dyer Island, Geyser Rock or in Shark Alley depending on the conditions. We have developed relationships with the top operators and are able to bring you an unrivalled and fair choice when deciding on a tour with 0% commission added to the price. To find out more about what each operator has to offer please see the following summaries.

When To Visit the Great White Shark
Winter April - September
In winter it usually doesn't take long to for the first sharks to arrive, however this is nature and sharks are wild animals. Patience is vital, as with all things in nature, but when waiting, just remember that you are in the white shark diving capital of the world! The chances of seeing a Great White shark are higher here than anywhere else. White sharks so far have not been able to survive captivity so this may be your only chance to see one in the flesh (excuse the expression). During these months the operators work around Dyer Island as the sharks are there hunting for Cape Fur Seals. The weather is unpredictable during these months so please allow for a few days spare following your booked trip in the event that your trip is cancelled due to high seas.

Summer October - March
In the summer months the water is, surprisingly, much colder than the winter. Due to Gansbaai's geographical location being on the Atlantic Ocean but close to the Indian Ocean, there are huge differences in water temperature depending on currents and weather systems. The sharks move towards the beaches during these months and hunt for game fish, rather than seals. Sightings are still good but the water visibility is not great (1-5 meters) The Shark activity is generally slower and it is more difficult to attract the sharks to the boats. It is advisable to allow for a few days to increase your chances of seeing a Great White Shark. On record, February & March are the worst times to come as the shark activity is normally very slow. However, we have had a few good summers in a row so things are looking good.

Sea Kayaking in the Whale Sanctuary Eco Adventures Gansbaai
If you are visiting from the months of October January this is a MUST do activity! With an average of 16 Whales per trip on route you will be in touch with nature like never before! In November we are offering a special double of early morning Sea Kayak with Whales followed by an exhilarating shark dive in the afternoon!

GUARANTEED! There is no better adventure on offer worldwide!
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Great White Shark Cage Diving

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